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The full car insurance in "PASHA Insurance" includes 3 sections:

  • Section 1: Damage or destruction of vehicles (Casco)
  • Section 2: Third-party liability
  • Section 3: Driver and Passengers Personal Accident insurance

Our customers have an option to choose one of the above mentioned sections separately.

Section 1. Damage or destruction of vehicles (CASCO)

  • Traffic collision involving two or more cars – non-fault claim
  • Dropped or falling objects
  • Illegal actions of the third party
  • Theft, plunder, kidnapping and robbery
  • Fire and explosion
  • Animal’s actions
  • Natural disasters.

Section 2: Third-party liability. This section covers paying material damage and compensation for body injuries caused to third parties as a result of an insured event.

Section 3: Driver and Passengers Personal Accident insurance.

Insurance coverage for section 3 covers the risks of death, total and/or partial disability and injuries to insured persons.

Section 1 – CASCO

Uncoditional deductible*

Insurance rate

Insurance rate

Non-official service

Official service

100 AZN

1.40 %

1.80 %

*Unconditional franchise – fixed amount or an insurance claim that is the responsibility of the insured.

Section 2:Third-party liability

Limitation of Liability (AZN)Insurance Premium (AZN)
10 00040
15 00055
20 00070
25 00080
50 000110
100 000160

Note:Payment for the above mentioned limitations of liability is in addition to the insurance amount, defined by mandatory liability insurance of vehicle owners of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Section 3: Driver and Passengers Personal Accident insurance

Insurance Amount (AZN)Insurance Premium (AZN)
5 0006
10 00012
15 00018
20 00024
25 00030

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