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The full car insurance in "PASHA Insurance" includes 3 sections:

  • Section 1: Damage or destruction of vehicles (Casco)
  • Section 2: Third-party liability
  • Section 3: Driver and Passengers Personal Accident insurance

Our customers have an option to choose one of the above mentioned sections separately.

Section 1. Damage or destruction of vehicles (CASCO)

  • Traffic accident
  • Dropped or falling objects
  • Illegal actions of the third party
  • Theft, plunder, kidnapping and robbery
  • Fire and explosion
  • Animal’s actions
  • Natural disasters.

Section 2: Third-party liability. This section covers paying material damage and compensation for body injuries caused to third parties as a result of an insured event.

Section 3: Driver and Passengers Personal Accident insurance.

Insurance coverage for section 3 covers the risks of death, total and/or partial disability and injuries to insured persons.

Section 1 – CASCO

Unconditional franchise*Insurance Rates
0 AZNMinimum 3.30%
100 AZNMinimum 2.70%
250 AZNMinimum 2.50%
500 AZNMinimum 2.30%
1000 AZNMinimum 1.85%

Note:Tariff rates may vary depending on the brand and model type, year of manufacture, cost, driving experience, driving history, choice of repair services after the insurance accident and other conditions of the vehicle.

*Unconditional franchise – fixed amount or an insurance claim that is the responsibility of the insured.

Section 2:Third-party liability

Limitation of Liability (AZN)Insurance payment (AZN)
10 00040
15 00055
20 00070
25 00080
50 000110
100 000160

Note:Payment for the above mentioned limitations of liability is in addition to the insurance amount, defined by mandatory liability insurance of vehicle owners of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Section 3: Driver and Passengers Personal Accident insurance

Insurance amount (AZN)Insurance Payment (AZN)
5 0006
10 00012
15 00018
20 00024
25 00030

Under the proposed package: Premium, Standard, Klassik - each client choosing one of them can take advantage of additional services and benefits which are included in the appropriate package. Additional services and benefits include following:

Additional services and benefits:

Classic package

Services of sober driver*

3 times

Concessions on providing technical services in Official Service Centers
of appropriated car brands


Skipping the step of collection and submission of the documents related to the accident
with damages up to 1.000 AZN during the insurance accident


Free evacuation even in non-insurance case of the car breakdown **

3 times

Gathering documents from SAI by insurer


Discounts during purchasing other types of insurance products


Non-application of unconditional franchise in cases where the accident
is not the fault of insurant (only in an accident).


Partial payment of the insurance fee


Support for insurant during the car sale


20% Discount coupon for the cars dry cleaning and other services of this type (OTTO Wax) ***


Autostar Caucasus Azerbaijan (Mercedes – Benz): Babek avenue 1145, Baku – 10% discount on all services.*This service is available only in Baku. For this service, please call the number 250 83 83 050/077 or 050/055 227 88 00.

** Free evacuation is applied, in case of for impossibility to move the car, and only available in Baku-Absheron, Khirdalan, Sumgait (transportation to the nearest service station). If the cause of car breakdown is out of insurance accident, please call 050 250 83 83 or *0007

*** Offering services provided within the service OTTO Wax: washing with special OTTO Wax techniques, washing engines OTTO Wax, Deep cleaning (all), OTTO Wax New Aura System, Ozone system OTTO Wax, OTTO Wax Nano and about 40 similar services (highway Baku Sumgait, 6th km. Contact number: 050 489 61 61)

Note: The benefits and additional services of Standard and Premium packages are available only to customers who purchased Casco

Concessions on providing technical services in Official Car Service Centers cover the following points:

  • Cahan Motors (Opel): Babek avenue. 21/99, Baku – 20% discount on repair services, 15% of spare parts
  • Citroen: Higway Badamdar., Baku - 10% discount on all services.
  • Hyundai in Ganjlik: H.Aliyev str.82, Baku (Hyundai) - 10% discount on all services.
  • Improtex Motors (BMW): Salamzade str. 2, Baku – only 6% discount on spare parts Lexus
  • Baki Mərkəzi: F.Bayramov str. 33f, Khatai district, Baku- 10% discount on all services.
  • Nurgün Motors (Nissan, Renault, Infiniti, Ford): Salamzade str. 2, Baku- 10% discount on all services.
  • Toyota Bakı Mərkəzi: F.Bayramov str. 26, Khatai district, Baku - 10% discount on all services.

For more information: *7000

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