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18 May 2017

PASHA Insurance has already launched its social project – “Sirli Baki” (Mysterious Baku)

PASHA Insurance has already launched its social project – “Sirli Baki” (Mysterious Baku). Important to mention, the project is supported by PASHA Holding and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic.

“Sirli Baki” (Mysterious Baku) project intends to provide information and promote historic heritage of Baku to local and foreign visitors. Residents and guests of our city can get information about historical places and buildings of Baku, using high technology, such as Augmented Reality.

Around 40 stands are located near historical places in Baku. You can download “Sirli Bakı” (Mysterious Baku) application from Google Play Store or App Store, open the application, scan the informative stand, and learn interesting facts about the building, its history, and impact on the city's development. It is easy to discover all historic places through navigation guidelines of the application.

In addition, users can listen to short audio about each place created by Fuad Akhundov – well-known expert on the history of Baku.

“Sirli Bakı” (Mysterious Baku) application is available in both Google Play Store and App Store. You can use the application in 3 different languages; Azerbaijani, Russian, English. For more information, please visit https://pasha-insurance.az/sirlibaki/indexru.html.

PASHA Insurance has been operating in the insurance market since 2006. As a member of PASHA Holding group of companies, PASHA Insurance offers 36 types of compulsory and voluntary insurance services for both individual and corporate customers. PASHA Insurance is the leader and the biggest insurer of the Azerbaijani insurance market for the amount of share capital (50 million AZN), volume of insurance premiums and compensated insurance claims and other financial and non-financial indicators.

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