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This type is the insurance of agricultural plants providing for payment of insurance payment in the amount of full or partial indemnification of the damage to the interests of the insured in the result of destruction or deterioration of agricultural plants. 

Insurance cover:

Under the insurance agreement concluded based on this type of insurance, the insurer provides the insurance cover for the insurance event occurred in the result of the following risks to the insured:

  • heavy rain;
  • fire and thunderstorm;
  • storm, hurricane, vertex, tornado or sandstorm;
  • aridity, absence of heat, over humidity, wetting, molding, freezing, frost and as well as local weather condition not specific for this place;
  • thirst and minor water in irrigation sources;
  • disease of plants or injury of them by the pests;
  • fall of flying controlled objects or their parts;
  • earthquake, volcanic activity, slide, collapse or flood or stream not caused by land slide;
  • earthquake, slide, collapse, volcanic activity, underground flame happened in the result of natural disasters not listed in this item;
  • damage of the planting by wild animals.

The insurance coverage covers the risks indicated in the insurance agreement (certificate) or mentioned above. 


  • war or any military operations (whether or not declared), civil war, intervention and its results;
  • revolution, rebellion, revolt, seizure of the power;
  • commotion, strike or lockout;
  • confiscation, arrest, destruction or deterioration of insurance subject by the order of the competent bodies;
  • in the result of use of atomic or nuclear energy in any form;
  • any damage caused prior to commencement of insurance period not depending on when this damage was identified;
  • theft of product;
  • mechanical damages to the plants during tillage, cultivation, harvesting, irrigation and processing of planting in other methods;
  • wrong seeding, processing of fields and planting with insecticides, defoliants or other poisonous chemical substances and as well as over fertilization.