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"Yakhin Gonshu" voluntary property insurance

Yakhin Qonshu» is a voluntary insurance product that provides a liability insurance coverage against damages that you may cause to the health or property of a third party. 

By paying 15 AZN or 25 AZN per year, customers will receive an insurance coverage of 5000 or 10000 AZN respectively against such insurance risks as damage to a neighbor's house or health caused by water, steam or liquids flowing from water pipes.

Insurance coverageExemption amountInsurance premium (Per year)
"Yakhin Gonshu 15" voluntary property insurance5 000 AZN100 AZN15 AZN
"Yakhin Gonshu 25" voluntary property insurance10 000 AZN100 AZN25 AZN

Special conditions:

  • In the case of internal water risk, insurance coverage is provided if the period of operation of the communication pipelines of the building or apartment does not exceed 20 years;

  • Insurance coverage for damage caused by water, steam and liquids flowing from water pipes will apply to events that occur 10 days after the issue date of the insurance policy.

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